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Custom Projects by Sew IT

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Design Direction

We are custom manufacturer looking to help you bring your product to life, so tell us about your design in as much detail as you can. Do you have blueprints? Design specifications? What material do you have in mind? Who is the end-user and how are they going to use your product?

We will work with you on every element of your project. Give us a call to start the conversation!


Your product will be made of the highest quality of material, to specifications, and we will work with you to make it come to life.                


How many are you looking to make? Is this a promo or are you looking to transfer your production? Quantity will effect pricing and we would like to get an idea of what quantity you are looking at creating. 

Time Frame

What is the timeframe? The timeframe is critical and various factors go into timeframe and creation. We are looking to come to an agreement on a realistic timeframe, and we want to meet your goals! 

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